A story of great success for BioStrada in Kuwait’s Market

It has been almost one year since we delivered 60 “TEC 5.2” BioStrada sweepers to the five main Kuwait Municipality contractors: a great success for us!

Actually there are few manufactures of Compact Self-Propelled “Mechanical Supported by Vacuum Sweepers” worldwide. Our TEC 5.2 model proudly carries many features that surpass the sweepers of the same category. These features have already led to the greatest market share in history in the Middle East and North Africa.

In the last few years Biostrada has increasingly focused on the new emerging countries where we have been able to offer our cutting-edge environmentally sustainable road sweepers along with a superior after-sales customer service.

Here is our success story in Kuwait:

  • In early 2012, Kuwait Municipality announced the names of the cleaning companies who were awarded the Municipality Cleaning Contracts that required 116 Mechanical Suction Sweepers.
  • In cooperation with our partner in success “Delta International USA Inc.” which has been handling the distribution in the Gulf Area with over 2 decades of Mr. Nabil Morgan expertise, and the local Agent in Kuwait United Maintenance Equipment Co. “UMECO”, we decided to ship a demonstration unit to Kuwait.
  • Thanks to its performance, and after a series of test carried out locally, this Demonstration sweeper made it very easy for all the contractors to make their decision, especially those who had to deal with the lack of after-sales service and support in the past.

The Municipality, contractors, and engineers immediately recognized BioStrada’s superior features and benefits, the main ones are the following:

  • A top of the Line Mercedes Engine featuring low fuel consumption, low emissions and high power.
  • A 5.5 m³ hopper capacity with a usable capacity of 5.0 m³.
  • Road type tire required to meet the Municipality applications.
  • Higher ground clearance that allow easy sweeping over the speed bumpers without damaging the sweeping system.
  • Easy access to the main sweeper components that makes it easy to proceed with the preventative and extraordinary maintenance,  resulting also in time and money saving.

After about 10 months of operating our sweepers in Kuwait, we can proudly say that they have been providing an excellent performance tied to an equally excellent after-sale service.

These results have been achieved thanks to the training Biostrada has offered to the local dealer staff, both in Fiorenzuola d’Arda (Italy) and locally during Biostrada engineers multiple and periodical visits to Kuwait.

Furthermore, we have provided tons of fast moving parts and major repair parts that are regularly stocked and supplied  all over the country through our partner “UMECO”.