Tec 5.2 – Details

cabina2Enhanced Features

The tilting and shock absorbed cabin is completely soundproof, it allows great visibility thanks to the wide glass helping the operator during the sweeping operations. It is equipped with an automatic air conditioning system with pollen filter and air recirculation offered as a standard. Two comfortable and pneumatic adjustable seats with seat belts ensure the maximum driving comfort. Thanks to the cylinders on the front axle, the Biostrada system allows to lift the chassis to go over the obstacles present on the pavement easily (speed bumps, edgings, water ducts and so on…) without damaging the sweeping system.


Pressure Gauges

The braking system efficiency can be easily checked thanks to the presence of three floor-mounted pressure gauges. An additional hydraulic pressure gauge allows a real-time check of the main broom ground pressure which is adjusted by the sweeper control unit.


Sweeper Control Panel

The sweeper controls are gathered on a single console panel featuring simple and user-friendly push buttons for each function, the presence of symbols grants an easy use to the operator who can fully control the sweeper functioning. The on-board diagnostic system offers a quick breakdown detection thanks to a visual display monitoring the possible failures.


Side Brooms

Working on the opposite direction of the sweeper forward movement, they allow an optimum cleaning condition on difficult surfaces. The operator can perform the pneumatic adjustment of the pressure from the cabin, reducing the maintenance costs, as well as setting the brooms rotation speed. Different types of bristles are available.